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1.Eject a USB drive in Windows

Using the notification area

  1. In the Notification Area of the taskbar, click the up arrow to view the items in the systray. Then, right-click the Eject Media       icon.

   2. A menu lists the removable media you can eject. Click the name of your USB flash drive. In this example, the option to eject the USB flash drive is named "Eject Cruzer Glide."

Eject a USB drive in macOS


With Command+E keyboard shortcut

  1. Locate the USB flash drive on your desktop. Click it once to select it.

  2. On your keyboard, press Command+E to eject the flash drive.

In Finder

  1. Open the Finder utility. On the left, locate your USB flash drive under Devices.

  2. Click the eject icon (⏏) to the right of the flash drive.

Using Trash

  1. Locate the USB flash drive on your desktop.

  2. Drag-and-drop the USB flash drive into the trash bin icon. When you start dragging a removable disk, such as your USB flash drive, the Trash turns to an eject (⏏) icon. When you drop the disk on the eject icon, the disk is ejected. No data is deleted using the Trash icon this way.



You can now safely remove the USB flash drive from your computer.

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